Please notice this E-Training tool is designed to ensure that all information is communicated to the trainee. Therefore, it is not self paced and requires complete observance of the material.


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    Estimated time: 45 minutes

Welcome to the Maine Department of Public Safety Domestic Violence in the Workplace Online Training Website

We, at the Maine Department of Public Safety (DPS) proud of our department's leadership in producing this web-based training tool on Domestic Violence in the Workplace. We have worked closely with the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence to make it an effective course.

Domestic violence is a widespread problem in Maine and the rest of the country. It's a public health and safety issue that we are committed to battling because domestic violence affects everyone.

The Maine Department of Public Safety intends to be the ally of those who need assistance in dealing with this problem. We are creating a culture that encourages victims to come forward for help and holds abusers accountable.

This interactive program is a key tool in that effort. It will teach you how to recognize it, and how to respond to it. Most importantly, it will show you how to help yourself, a co-worker or someone you supervise who is involved in domestic violence.

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